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  • what is my current experimentation velocity?
    • did it peak?
      • if it did, was by a messy (or rather too complicated) code?
      • could the peak be resulting from own cognitive limitations?
        • something similar to the 5 +/-2 by applied to code software development?
  • do I respect ?
    • did branching broke too much and if so, how can I rollback?
      • mostly a problem of tracking the database content

Consequent next steps

  1. merge back
    1. what are the differences between the branches
    2. are some branches actually not worth saving
    3. what about simply dropping all branches but master
  2. after the merge make sure the database is being tracked
    • as changed to the models force the database to be tracked too
    • it is not any more in .gitignore
  3. consider then what is the next exploration to try (following SRE principle)

Current situation

  • possibility to fetch images and blend them
    • like it was done in January 2015
      • but via web interface
        • so potentially able to get feedback from users
          • rather than only clients
    • possible to change size
    • parent tracking broken
      • model somehow not tracking multiple parents
        • maybe data loss since last migrations
        • not tracking multiple parents from merge

To do by priority

  1. step back, what would bring the most fruitful feedback to gather already
  2. make it more visual
    • drag&drop of images on top of other in gallery
  3. impossible to
    • merge generated images
    • properly track novelty
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